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Let yourself linger in our world a noble time where old souls don evening attire and drink in good company. Complex flavors from a simpler period, nothing brings the world into focus like the silky depths of a hand-crafted, small-batch spirit. Travel back and take a stroll through the streets of a city's fair.

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Our spirits are new takes on the timeless liquors of the past. Each a gesture to an older time of drinking, these liquors embody the tradition of quality spirits. Every batch is distilled from the very best grains, bottled in-house, and handled with the utmost care. See our current offerings by choosing from the links above.
Founded as a dry community, Evanston was home to many influential advocates for Prohibition who effectively kept the city free of alcohol for more than one hundred years.

Though the city legalized drinking in the late Nineties, it took the perseverance of our Master Distiller, Paul Hletko, to reverse the antiquated liquor laws. With roots going back to some of Europe's fabled brewing families, Paul and FEW Spirits have marked the end of Evanston's Prohibition and given the city its very own craft distillery.
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As the Temperance Movement approached boiling point, America's most beloved liquid vice found itself under heavy siege. While connoisseurs saw abstinence creep across the country, the city of Chicago began its preparations to host the most elaborate of fairs.

Only a few miles North, Frances Elizabeth Willard and her league of temperance supporters had turned Evanston into a stronghold for their cause.
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On the very streets that once fostered the ideas of the Temperance movement, FEW Spirits has established the city's first licensed distillery. We invite you to visit our tasting room and take a glimpse at how our hand-crafted spirits are made.

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